March 26, 2010

Devil DOES wear Prada

I just thought it was very funny of her to wear Prada.... I actually think everytime she does, she does it on purpose! But, I have to say, she's not the devil at all... she's quite nice actually! I just liked the way that title sounds lol.

March 23, 2010

So.... shoes!

These are some of the shoes that occupy my mind these days.... pure love!...(yes, I know, some are last season)

YSL FW10-11 really bad quality, but I took live from the show and I don't have a pro camera! I couldn't find it in good quality anywhere and I reaaaally love these! So simple!!!

Chanel statement boots: icecicle heel, fake fur FW 10-11

McQueen armadillo shoes: just can't get over them! SS10

Balmain: every body had them at paris fw... I mean EVERYBODY! FW 09-10

LV: Natasha Polianova's weapon of choice for Valentino couture show in january FW 09-10

In other news, I recently bought thses shoes... I'm head over heels for them!!
That's all folks!