October 29, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Nostalgia

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic at the moment. I miss Paris so much! Here are some pictures of the fashion weeks I attended... I'm dying to go back!
I thought I'd start chronologically, so, in this post, I'll show you some of my favorite moments of Paris Fashion Week SS 2010.

I'll show, first, the very first time I met Anna dello Russo. I remember I didn't even know who she was, but I saw her wearing this and I thought to myself: "who's that!?". After that day, I always looked for her to see what she was wearing. She always stood up from the crowd. But this is the outfit that made me notice her... and love her!... Her highness, at the end of the Gareth Pugh show:

Wearing Balmain at the entrance of Nina Ricci show:

At Belenciaga, wearing Balenciaga head to toe:

The first time I met Carine Roitfeld, my favorite editor in chief!

And another first, the first time I ever saw Anna Wintour. Granted, only briefly, but I was so starstruck! Here she is, leaving Rochas at full speed:

Me and Grace Coddington at the entrance of the Nina Ricci show:

My first backstage at Vivienne Westwood and a picture of the woman herself:

Dita Von Teese hurrying on her way to Dior.

Karlie Kloss and my friends, after Yamamoto show. She's so nice!!

Some celebrity sightseeing at Gareth Pugh. That's me and Adrien Grenier. He's so cute in person!

And that's me and model Eniko.

And finally, model legend Naomi Campbell walking for Chapurin and rushing off back to London afterwards.

I just realized there are too many pictures and memories for a single post. See you really soon with more: Viktor&Rolf and Alexander's McQueen last show!

October 22, 2010

The last on Paris SS 2011

This is, I think, the last post of my picks for the season! I focus on Paris because I really believe that, with few exceptions elsewhere, that's where the magic truly happens.

I really enjoyed Azzedine Alaia's RTW spring summer 2011. There was nothing really innovative there, but the show was so pretty! I specially loved the new, modern twist they gave to a 50s puffy skirt.I loved all these new look-ish silouettes!

While I think Yves Saint Laurent was everything we could expect it to be, to me, it was lacking inspiration. It looked like a revival of classics, and some pieces even looked as if they were only following trends set by other houses.
See the whole collection for yourselves here, but check out these comparisons. The rest of the collection is fairly good, in my opinion. These couple looks, however, were too obvious not to point out.

YSL SS 2011 vs. Balenciaga FW 2009

YSL SS 2011 vs. Chanel FW 2010

Finally, I realize this is one season too late, but I just have to post about Givenchy Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010. One of the most bueautiful collections I've seen lately. Definatly the best of the season. It was sheer beauty! See for yourselves!

Photos out of nowfashion.com and style.com.

October 21, 2010

Love and ...dislike, Paris SS 2011

Well, my second post on Paris Spring Summer 2011. I have seen some gorgeous collections. And some others that... let's say I don't like so much.

I'll start with Chanel, just because I must! I loved this collection. Everything about it was just amazing. The music, the setting, the fountains, and not to mention, the clothes! So Chanel at its purest, but also, so now. So light and with a flow. The soft colors and the contrasting black, a signature of the brand. Pearls, feathers, transparencies and, of course, tweed!

Next stop, Viktor & Rolf. I love them! Theirs are true fashion Shows, with a capital S! They are the best at putting on a good spectacle. Everything, from the first music note down to the last dress, everything is meant to entertain. Not to mention their amazing craftsmanship, which always is more than perfect. They manage to combine couture elements into RTW shows and come up with spectacular dresses as well as pretty wearable pieces. This season's inspiration? White shirts. How you give a new spin to the oldest garment? Take a look!

And before anything else, sorry I just have to get it out of my system. I detested Louis Vuitton this season, to say the least. This was the ugliest most tacky collection I've seen in years. Marc Jacobs is, in my opinion, one of the most talented designers out there. I mean, last season, he delivered pure magic in the form of 50s skirts. Now? His "oriental" inspiration, to me looks like the high end Chinese prostitute of an action film or something like that. I really respect Marc and the brand, but, honestly, I've seen less vulgarity in a Cavalli show.
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but tell me, does any of these look like a Louis Vuitton woman to you?

And now, of course, Alexander McQueen. No longer a man, but a brand. A name that lingers thanks to Sarah Burton, his long standing right hand. I have to say I was really scared to be disappointed of this collection. I loved McQueen. But I was very gratefully surprised by his successor. Miss Burton proved that she can live up to his master's name and, not only that, but also she can put a little something of hers along with the iconic McQueen style. There's a very refreshing positivity to this collection, without loosing of sight the House's DNA. Take a look at some of my faves.

And finally, it wouldn't be a post of mine if there wasn't something on Anna dello Russo in it! So here she is, modeling for Ungaro, that, after the Linsday Lohan disaster (fashion's 9/11, according to Kanye West), is finally picking up. Anna, stunning like always!

That's it for today I guess! All the credits for the photos go to nowfashion.com, a great place to watch the shows live. Thanks! See you soon.

A Mexican newspaper that has a clue!

I always thought that fashion greatest names were something strange and unfamiliar to Mexicans, except, of course, some few exceptions, such as people in the business or with a great interest on the topic. So you can imagine my surprise when El Universal, a national newspaper, featured an online article on the 3 most important fashion editors in the world: Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld and Anna dello Russo. I was thrilled to see that, not only did they knew who Anna dello Russo was, they considered her among the top 3! I have to say that, obviously, I agree with them! But more importantly, I love the fact that this information is made known to the general public. It's great, I think, that the work and style of fashion icons, such as Carine and Anna dello Russo, is acknowledged, even here, where they may not be so well known. Read the article here.

October 15, 2010

Anna, the Lady Gaga of fashion!

This is a video by the UK Telegraph. Anna dello Russo shows off her Paris Fashion Week outfits in her room at the Ritz. Watch her and love her!

October 3, 2010

Masquerade Ball in Paris

Paris, a Masquerade Ball, Vogue... are these elements from a movie or a fairytail? Nope, just Carine Roitfeld's celebration of Parisian Vogue's 90th anniversary. And, sorry Carine, but the real belle of the ball, in my opinion, was, hands down, gorgeous Anna dello Russo. She, as always, took it over the top. How to steal all the looks in a room full of stars? Well a Gareth Pugh headpiece is definitely a great start! Add a custom made Pucci and a white wig to the mix, and you have a modern princess, ready to steal all the flashes and get jealous looks from the industry's usual spotlights.

Anna always shines with light of her own!

Here are some of the other of the attendees.
Dita Von Teese and hostess' Carine Roitfeld very (very) sexy dress.

Model Natalia Vodianova

October 1, 2010

Paris Fashion Week SS 2011

Getting over the emotional shock of NOT being in Paris, and trying to overcome an imminent depression or syndrome of [Fashion] abstinence, here I am. Posting. I know I'm not as constant as I would like. I'm a work in process!
Any ways, down to business: Paris.
These are my personal favorites so far. I haven't seen every show yet, but so far, so good!

Loved Lanvin glamorous etherealness!!!

Rochas flowery casual (that empty front row seat should have been mine!)

Nina Ricci's not afraid of colors (unlike most designers this season!)

More to come soon!
Photo credits go, of course, to the fabulous NowFashion.com. Thanks to them we all get to see shows LIVE!