October 21, 2010

Love and ...dislike, Paris SS 2011

Well, my second post on Paris Spring Summer 2011. I have seen some gorgeous collections. And some others that... let's say I don't like so much.

I'll start with Chanel, just because I must! I loved this collection. Everything about it was just amazing. The music, the setting, the fountains, and not to mention, the clothes! So Chanel at its purest, but also, so now. So light and with a flow. The soft colors and the contrasting black, a signature of the brand. Pearls, feathers, transparencies and, of course, tweed!

Next stop, Viktor & Rolf. I love them! Theirs are true fashion Shows, with a capital S! They are the best at putting on a good spectacle. Everything, from the first music note down to the last dress, everything is meant to entertain. Not to mention their amazing craftsmanship, which always is more than perfect. They manage to combine couture elements into RTW shows and come up with spectacular dresses as well as pretty wearable pieces. This season's inspiration? White shirts. How you give a new spin to the oldest garment? Take a look!

And before anything else, sorry I just have to get it out of my system. I detested Louis Vuitton this season, to say the least. This was the ugliest most tacky collection I've seen in years. Marc Jacobs is, in my opinion, one of the most talented designers out there. I mean, last season, he delivered pure magic in the form of 50s skirts. Now? His "oriental" inspiration, to me looks like the high end Chinese prostitute of an action film or something like that. I really respect Marc and the brand, but, honestly, I've seen less vulgarity in a Cavalli show.
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but tell me, does any of these look like a Louis Vuitton woman to you?

And now, of course, Alexander McQueen. No longer a man, but a brand. A name that lingers thanks to Sarah Burton, his long standing right hand. I have to say I was really scared to be disappointed of this collection. I loved McQueen. But I was very gratefully surprised by his successor. Miss Burton proved that she can live up to his master's name and, not only that, but also she can put a little something of hers along with the iconic McQueen style. There's a very refreshing positivity to this collection, without loosing of sight the House's DNA. Take a look at some of my faves.

And finally, it wouldn't be a post of mine if there wasn't something on Anna dello Russo in it! So here she is, modeling for Ungaro, that, after the Linsday Lohan disaster (fashion's 9/11, according to Kanye West), is finally picking up. Anna, stunning like always!

That's it for today I guess! All the credits for the photos go to nowfashion.com, a great place to watch the shows live. Thanks! See you soon.

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