November 17, 2011

Carine's back!

Back in action! Carine sat out the last ready to wear FW at Paris in order not to confuse people. Now, however, she's full fledged back! This time, however, she's a simple, ordinary client (Yeah, right), who happens to get fitted by Donatella and Jean Paul Gaultier (among others), just like everyone else... So, in collaboration with W magazine, she documented this process in a short film, entitled The Client. It's a lot of fun!!! You can watch it HERE. You should!

Here she is in the Premiere Party, in Paris.

And, here are a couple of funny stills of the video... She makes fun of her own super french accent. 

November 14, 2011

Versace for H&M

The new big collaboration of H&M, this time, with Versace, is looming nearer. This pink meets leather, meets palm trees, super fun and quintessentially Versace collection is going to be available in stores on November the 17th. If you wish to purchase anything from the collection worthwhile, I would recommend you stand in line really early... the best pieces fly out of the shelves! Get me any of these while you're at it:

Enjoy the super fun ad, featuring Donatella and two lookalike models inside the Versace version of Saw.

November 10, 2011

The Birkin: available at your nearest market

How long has it been? Almost a month!... I do my best, really! But school and work, don’t leave me with a lot of free time to blog, you know. Anyways, I was at a photoshoot of the magazine I’m working for (comes out December, I’ll post some editorials!), and, among the garnments we were lent to use in the shoot, there was the Birkin, in a terracota hue, in all its glory. Oh how perfect it is! And how well it goes with everything!
Well, I was talking about it with my friend, Carla, and she told me the story of the original Birkin bag. You won’t believe it!
You know the bag people pay thousands of dollars for, and wait for years to possess? Well, Jane Birkin actually wore a basket. That’s right a knitted, regular, basket.

Tells the story that once in a flight, while trying to put her Birkin basket in an overhead compartment, she spilled all her things unto the floor. The Hermès CEO at the time happened to witness this and asked her about her very peculiar choice of bag. She said she hadn’t found a weekend bag she really liked. He created the Hermès Birkin for her but, after wearing it for a while; she went back to her basket. And that’s that. So now you know, you can carry a basket around and, when people ask, just say: It’s my Birkin, you ignorant!