August 29, 2011

In love with Jo Calderone

I can't express my love for Lady Gaga's alter ego Jo Calderone with big enough words. He made his first appearance in the Yoü and I music video, but his master piece performance was last Sunday, during the VMAs. There, he said Gaga was sorry she couldn't attend but she sent him instead. What a stroke of genius. What did everyone expects of her? A huge spectacle, full lights, custom changes, loud bangs... And how does she manage to deliver something unexpected? Well, in the form of Jo. Check out his Vogue Hommes Japan cover, under the lense of Nick Knight and styled by Gaga's pal, Formichetti. He's like a modern James Dean!

And take a look at old school Gaga, in the same cover... Her meat-covered days are long gone.

Lanvin campaign movie

I know I have neglected my blog ok? I will be neglecting it for the following 10 weeks, so get used to it. But I just had to post this! This is the funniest video I've seen, ever. As it is Lanvin's Fall campaign, it has, of course, Alber Elbaz written all over it. Because, let's face it, who else would use a Pitbull song to advertise Lanvin!? I can't get over how funny it is! And the ending, god, he's the best! I hope I made your day, Alber made mine!

August 16, 2011

Lady Gaga, You and I

Lady Gaga's newest video just premiered today! The song? May be my favorite track of the album: You and I. The video? Very nice to see some production after a very disappointing Edge of Glory, and, nice way to Gaga-up the country. The fashion? Well take a look! A couple of Jantaminiau looks from the Haute Couture FW 11-12 collection were discernible amid the craziness. And I just have to say it: I called it!

August 3, 2011

Voguepedia is live!

Just what we needed! A veritable encyclopedia of all things Vogue, which, at the end of the day, is a synonym of all things fashion. Check it out here! It's still pretty rudimentary but, hey, it's Anna Wintour's. I bet it will be perfection before long.

August 2, 2011

A new love: Giambattista Vali

I know I already posted about this collection, but lately, I can think of nothing else. Just look at the colors, the handcraft, the silouettes, the fabrics, the belts... At first glance, very likable, but, overtime, it has the power of making you fall slowly and inexorably in love. The collection is bound to be a commercial success and the man has proven he deserves a place among the great in the Haute Couture ranks.

Say you're not in love!

PS. I just can't get over the spectacularity of the last dress. I wouldn't mind getting married in it (in white, of course).