July 4, 2011

Paris Haute Couture FW 2011 (Day1)

My favorite 3 days of the season are finally here! Let's start reviewing shows. Jantaminiau: Wow! Beautiful! Just look at the pictures and judge by yourselves. In my opinion, this is how a couture collection should look like, you know? Like someone actually put time into making it (as opposed to Anne Valérie Hash almost Zara-ish dresses). Oh and it goes without saying, this whole collection is so Lady Gaga, it's almost a pleonasm to mention it.

Next, Alexis Mabille. Some pretty pretty looks! A very animal, feather-ish feel to the collection, but all classy and elegant. I really liked most of the gowns. Wearable yet different. Or as wearable as couture can be.

Giambattista Valli: pink, red, black, white and a tad of animal print and feathers. I really liked it. A very traditional couture collection in the best of senses. Sticking to the house's style and giving it a positive, cheerful twist, filling gowns with tiny flowers and flowery fabrics.

And last but so not least, Dior. How do you judge a Dior Couture collection that Galliano didn't design? I'm personally finding it hard to be objective. My first reaction was that, predictably, it lacked Galliano's very particular showmanship and (above all) elegance. Some of the gowns were beautifully crafted, but the whole thing just felt (to me at least) like a shadow of its former self. On the other hand, most of the looks were just disaster! "Are you kidding me?" popped into my mind a couple of times. There was just too much going on. A word that summarizes the collection: mess. And from what I've gathered from twitter, no one has been really impressed by it at all. Take a look!

That's it for today. Thanks to Nowfashion.com for the pictures LIVE!

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