July 6, 2011

Paris Haute Couture FW 2011 (Day3)

All good things must come to an end... First of the day: Valentino. A very cold collection. But in a good way: elegant and sophisticated. But, in my opinion, unremarkable. This is a double edged sword: it wasn't a complete disaster and if I see someone wearing it, I'll know it's Valentino, but it doesn't move forward. It feels, like almost all do lately, like yet another Valentino show.

Elie Saab was very beautiful. He always delivers the most red carpet potential of the lot. And I particularly enjoyed the transition of color: from blue, so light it's almost white, passing trough nude and various shades of gray, ending in gowns of midnight blue. Beautiful but I think I prefer the Spring Summer collection. Again, this is a matter of absolute personal taste.

Finally, last of the season: Jean Paul Gaultier. His collections always seem to be so all over the place but at the same time so focused. And we could not have him any other way, to tell the truth. Some 50's silhouettes particularly caught my eye. And I love the purple gloves in the last look. Here are my favorite looks of the collection.

And, sadly, that's it. Haute Couture's 3 days are up and we will have to wait until September to revisit Paris for more fresh fashion. In the meantime, don't fret, we have plenty to look at! Next post: Royal Wedding!

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