July 29, 2010

Do svidaniya Aliona Doletskaya

I know this has been around for a couple of days but I thought I should mention it nonetheless.Aliona Doletskaya, former editor in chief of Vogue Russia has resigned her position in pursue of a different career and lifestyle. This is the official statement, translated into English.
She was an innovative and fearless woman who will be missed by everyone in the industry. We thank her for all of the wonderful things she did and the mold-breaking beauty she brought us.

New shoes trend?

I've seen on some runways the return of the pointy front shoe. I have to tell that I really don't like it! But I guess we have had nice round (à la Louboutin) or strappy heels for far too long now and it's time to give the other shoes a chance too. I do have to admit those LV are to die for and who would say no to these new Prada beauties?

On a different note, I haven't made a whole lot of progress in the Suzy Menkes Project. I've been busy and they are nearly 3000 articles... I've read 3, and I can tell you that she started reviewing books. She reviewed the first one in December 1988 and the next one a year after that. Then on November 1990 another. Finally, In July 1991 she wrote her first article. It was about Princess Diana. And that's where I'm at the moment... but promise to read a lot more in the nearest future!!

July 25, 2010

The Suzy Menkes Project

I met Suzy in Paris last year. She's not what you'd expect from fashion's most feared reviewer. She's the friendliest most lovely person you could imagine. And she's so talented! No doubt she does what she does for a reason: she's good at it. So... to discover how she got there, I've taken it upon myself to read every piece she's ever written for the IHT, since she started there in 1988. No small feat for she's written a little over 2700 articles! But I think this is the best way to understand her professional journey and get her unique writing style. I'll report my findings.

July 5, 2010

Dior Couture

Just finished watching Dior couture... Oh my god!!!... Galliano is just nuts, but you can't help but love his positive colorful way of looking at the coldest and grayest time of the year: it's as if he's seeing it through a kaleidoscope. It's as if he did it on purpose, almost ironically. As my friend Midou said in his blog, about men's fashion this season: Why are they doing winter fashion for summer? Well same question applies here, just the other way around. Galliano's take on fall winter fashion for Dior is nothing less than a Garden of Eden. A fairytale of flowers and bright colors and sunshine! All flawlessly executed, of course. It's not for nothing that Dior has a reputation for "best show in town" during the Haute Couture week... I mean, would you take a look at these?!

My friend Midou went to the show a couple of hours ago. Be sure to check out his blog soon for a review of the show. In the meantime, you can watch all the looks from the show in NowFashion.

July 2, 2010

Prada... in the middle of nowhere?!

Yes and no... This is old news, but I just found out it existed and I found it genius so I post it! In 2005 this Prada "store" opened in mmm Middle of Nowhere, Texas. It's not an actual store (obviously), it's just an art piece. An sculpture that happens to carry the 2005 fall collection!... Or carried anyways, with those glass windows, I doubt they lasted there 2 hours after the opening. After all, how long would the police would take to get there once the alarms went off? But, apparently, that is the intention of the artist and the whole point of the piece: To show the "natural" decay of this sculpture left to the inclemencies of time as opposed to the ever growing actual Prada empire. I think it's just awesome!!!... If you looked at it, without knowing better, you'd just probably think (like I did) that is the randomest thing you've seen and that the world is just a little crazier that you thought... maybe it is!