July 2, 2010

Prada... in the middle of nowhere?!

Yes and no... This is old news, but I just found out it existed and I found it genius so I post it! In 2005 this Prada "store" opened in mmm Middle of Nowhere, Texas. It's not an actual store (obviously), it's just an art piece. An sculpture that happens to carry the 2005 fall collection!... Or carried anyways, with those glass windows, I doubt they lasted there 2 hours after the opening. After all, how long would the police would take to get there once the alarms went off? But, apparently, that is the intention of the artist and the whole point of the piece: To show the "natural" decay of this sculpture left to the inclemencies of time as opposed to the ever growing actual Prada empire. I think it's just awesome!!!... If you looked at it, without knowing better, you'd just probably think (like I did) that is the randomest thing you've seen and that the world is just a little crazier that you thought... maybe it is!

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