July 29, 2010

New shoes trend?

I've seen on some runways the return of the pointy front shoe. I have to tell that I really don't like it! But I guess we have had nice round (à la Louboutin) or strappy heels for far too long now and it's time to give the other shoes a chance too. I do have to admit those LV are to die for and who would say no to these new Prada beauties?

On a different note, I haven't made a whole lot of progress in the Suzy Menkes Project. I've been busy and they are nearly 3000 articles... I've read 3, and I can tell you that she started reviewing books. She reviewed the first one in December 1988 and the next one a year after that. Then on November 1990 another. Finally, In July 1991 she wrote her first article. It was about Princess Diana. And that's where I'm at the moment... but promise to read a lot more in the nearest future!!

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