February 27, 2012

Where am I?

Hello! I know I've been ignoring this blog for a whole month. I want to say that I'm not permanently gone, or anything. I'm just focusing all my blogging energies into my new blog, Destyled, which I encourage you to visit HERE. It's in Spanish... sorry about that!

I promise I'll come back to posting here as soon as I get my schedule in order...

See you soon!

January 30, 2012

Tisci's Givenchy Pre-Fall 12-13

What did I think of Givenchy before Ricardo Tisci? I don't even remember anymore! Hence the title: Tisci's Givenchy. Impossible to think of it in any other way!

 I give you some of my favorite looks from the Pre-Fall collection.

January 13, 2012

Street style, Bill is your father

I just watched the documentary film "Bill Cunningham New York", and I loved it. It inspired me so much that I'll make a street style post soon. For now, I would like to recommend you watch the film and learn about the fascinating life of Bill Cunningham and his amazing work.

He's the street style photographer for the New York Times, and has been for a lifetime! His pictures are the best documentation of New York life and fashion of the last five decades. And he's still the same guy, living in the same studio in Carnegie Hall, with his bike and his blue coat... So humble and simple! One of those characters who are what they do and are part of something bigger. Kind of like a New York building, I would think.

 I met him in Paris, at a Balmain show, and I didn't know who he was, I just thought, "What a charming and smiling old man!." Silly me... Oh well!

January 4, 2012

Lady Gaga drops the ball

First post of 2012! I find it very appropriate for it to be about New York's ball dropping on New Year's Eve and Lady Gaga. Quite a simple story, actually. This is just me noting the fact that she pushed the button alongside Mayor Bloomberg while wearing Atelier Versace! She's been wearing a lot of Versace lately... 

My theory? Her contract with Armani is over and now she has one with this other Italian house. It was a great dress and I hope to be wrong about the contract part! ...Either way, Happy New Year!