July 5, 2011

Paris Haute Couture FW 2011 (Day2)

Day two! Unexpectedly, Chanel show changed its usual time (10am), but kept its usual venue (Grand Palais). The reason behind the time change, however, was evident when you got a glimpse at the scenario for the show. A huge replica of the Place Vendôme obelisk made out of what appeared to be a string of light. And the clothes... Karl made up for last January's disappointment and delivered a beautiful, classic collection. Mostly, as it's customary, black and white looks, with some midnight blue and the odd shocking fuchsia gown. All in all, a most dark and elegant collection. I personally greatly enjoyed the silhouette, strongly marking the waist and, in the last looks, elongating the figure with their floor lengths.

Stephane Rolland keeps proving himself worthy over and over. I like this collection even better than I liked last one! It looks so ethereal, but, at the same time so crafty. Some of my favorite:

Ok, Givenchy Couture is getting freaky. I don't think it's normal for a designer to get it right over and over. And he gets it soooo right! Maybe it's just me, biased, or programmed to love Ricardo Tisci's every creation but, will you look at this? I don't think it's a stretch to call that collection breathtaking. So white and pure. Ah, it just leaves me speechless.

Lastly, another time shifter was Armani, whose show usually is a nocturnal one, and was moved today to the morning. The collection was inspired by Japan. Not the only designer to do so this season: Zuhair Murad also gave his take on the Kimono on more than one look. It's a personal taste, but I really don't like it. However, looking at it as objectively as possible, it's a rather good collection. A natural evolution from the futuristic-looking last one and into the most traditional essence of Japan. And the headpieces, I have to say, were to die for!

That's day 2. Tomorrow, don't miss day 3!

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