February 9, 2010

Style at Amsterdam and Belgium

I was at Amsterdam, Bruges and Brussels for the weekend. It made me truly appreciate the style of Paris streets. From the displays in the stores to the people in the metro, Parisians are chic by nature. It’s something you hear all the time, but you don’t realize it’s true until you spend some time here and then leave. I realized the difference between Paris and the rest of the world. Paris is all elegance, black, grey, beige, white and more black. But in a good way! I realized how much I missed it when I no longer had it.

From the crazy clothes in the stores (not necessarily crazy cool or crazy original, but plain crazy) to the crazy styles in the streets, this weekend was a real wakeup call and a true eye-opener. I know fully appreciate Paris and all its chic!

Here are a couple of curiosités that I found at Amsterdam... I loved the crazy plastic shoes!

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