April 6, 2011

Aliens are in right now...

Well... it was just a matter of time for Gaga imitators to arrive! Katy Perry's latest video for the song E.T. (featuring Kanye West) is very similar visually to Lady Gaga's Born this way. It's history repeating itself. It was the same with Bad Romance. Wouldn't we all agree with the video's super high OMG factor at the time? Now, we see it as normal; even standard. The level of edginess in videos of female pop singers had risen. I don't mean (only) sexual edginess, I mean, mainly, visual boldness. All of this, thanks, mainly, to Lady Gaga. I must say, then, that I see Katy Perry not as an imitator, but as an "early adopter". Good on her. Oh, and the whole purpose of me writing this post in the first place is just to say that I love the Viktor & Rolf out-of-the-runway dress she's wearing in the video!

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