February 15, 2011

Red carpet watch!

Happy Feb. 15th!! A lot of important red carpets lately! Since there are so many, I'll limit myself to sharing my favorite looks. I'll try not to put the "oh no"s, but I can't promise anything. Let's start with the Grammy's, last night. My favorite was, of course, Florence Welch in Givenchy Haute Couture. I wish I had one of those dresses! If only to look at it every night!

Next, Heidi Klum...

...and Camila Belle in Gucci, at the Grammy's brunch, I loved this look since I saw it in the runway.

My favorites in the Bafta Awards are:
Gemma Artenton in a very classic looking Yves Saint Laurent.

Jennifer Lawrence in a very revealing Stella McCartney. It would have done without the necklace, though.

And Livia Giuggioli with the best accessory she could possible sport: Colin Firth.

Finally, the Goya Awards, in Spain. Elena Anaya wearing this hellenic inspired Eliee Saab.

And María Valverde in a young-yet-glamorous Cindy Figueroa nude dress. Wearing vintage jewelry from 1938, no less.

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