January 18, 2011

Angelina's killer looks in The Tourist

I just saw the Tourist last night. I'm not here to talk about the movie (which I liked), but about her looks throughout the film. WOW! She looks so glamorous. She's beautiful, of course; but in this film, she's flawless, in every single scene, she's just perfect. The epitome of glamour. Just take a look at these!
My personal favorite, this most glamorous look by Colleen Atwood, the film's costumes designer. It's perfectly accesorised with a camel wrap, Ferragamo nude pumps, elbow globes, matching clutch and golden earings.

Then, also second in my list, we have the grey dress. This vintage Charles James from 1950's perfectly captures the essence of the film, in my opinion. And it's so elegant!

Last but, definitely not least, the ball gown. Romance? checked. Action? checked. Comedy? checked. Locations? checked. Fashion? checked, checked, checked. A ball? It would have been the only thing missing from this movie! Here's the best shot I could get:

Go watch it! Just a disclaimer, girls, don't get too depressed after looking at that goddess in HD.

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  1. I think she wears a little bit too much make up, mainly in some scenes that were not needy all the drama but I do loved the looks, mainly the first one. The first 3 minutes is a homage to all the woman in the world. Magnificent!