January 10, 2011

Drumroll, please...

We know at last! The new editor in chief of Vogue Paris is none other than Emmanuelle Alt, former fashion editor for the magazine. I personally think that she's a lovely woman with a very defined personal style and, that sort of determination could prove essential in the blossoming of the magazine. She is very young (early forties) and has worked in fashion journalism all her life. She was even named fashion editor at ELLE magazine at age 20!

Most seem satisfied with this choice, however Karl Lagerfel has spoken some doubt in the matter:
“Her style is her big shoulders, long legs, tight jeans, sleeves up to the elbow, one hip out (...) I personally like her. She’s a handsome French woman. She has a style, but is it enough to make a whole magazine?”

Only time can tell weather this was a right decision, but for my part, I wish her all success in the world. I would really love to see Vogue Paris grow exponentially.
One last question remains... With her resignation to the magazine affective as of February the first, what is Carine going to do now? We'll have to wait and see!

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