January 24, 2011

Paris Haute Couture SS 2011 (Day1)

Let's get started! First day of Couture in the city of lights! What did we get to see today? The highlight of the day, of course, Dior. Spectacular, as always. Let's start with that. Galliano got his inspiration from fashion illustrator René Gruau, who helped Dior creating his famous new look. I leave you to enjoy!... Don't miss the shoes! To die for!!

Let's take a look at Armani now. One word: electric!

Jantaminiau, a practically new designer, has shown his work in Paris since 2007. I especially loved these couple of looks. They look a bit McQueen-ish to me, but I'll take it. And, take a look at the shoes. They're dangerous. I could totally see Lady Gaga in those!

Khaled El Masri, charming lebanese designer. I have to say I love this dress and, with the Golden Globes so fresh in my mind, I can't help but thinking, Red Carpet alert!

Finally, thanks to Valerio Mezzanoti, of NowFashion.com. Thanks to him we get to see shows LIVE!

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