March 1, 2011

Drama at Dior: Galliano, racist?

Yes, believe it or not, one of the most beloved designers of our time is being accused of racism. And these accusations appear not to be unfunded. A video of the designer John Galliano,50, was made public last Friday. In it, he verbally insults patrons at a restaurant, while being drunk. These insults however, happen to be of a very delicate nature. Mr. Galliano ranted an antisemitic speech to some of the presents. It looks like the people holding the camera asked him some questions which he, in turn, answered in this very rude manner. He even affirmed: "I love Hitler". This, of course, is causing quite the scandal in the fashion world. So far, he's been suspended from Dior, but his permanence in one of the most renowned Couture Houses remains uncertain. What do you think? I personally believe he's a genius... and like all geniuses, he's mad... and he was mad to say that, but hey! He still makes nice dresses right? Obviously, I don't think he will carry on as Dior's creative director, and what he said was very wrong, to say the least. But let's see what happens now. Maybe he doesn't think he did anything wrong, maybe for him, this was nothing but a PR suicide.

PS. He's gay right? Weren't gays killed in the holocaust? Like I said, he's just mad...
PS2. I don't wish to post the video here. If you're awfully curious, you can watch it here.

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