March 13, 2011

Paris Fashion Week FW 11-12 Part 3

The devil's work at Viktor & Rolf. Stiff and armor-like outfits. Very V&R!

A little more of the usual in Valentino...

Miu Miu's 80's craze!

I'm liking Louis Vuitton less each time... Some of these looks remind me of Britney Spears in Womanizer. The rest are ok at their very best.

In the midst of the drama surrounding his name, Galliano's genius raises to the occasion and a beautiful collection is presented, despite everything else. His favorite decade, the 20s, revisited.

And to wrap up the post, Elie Saab. Some dresses a bit Lanvin-esque, but otherwise a pretty average collection. Nothing mind blowing there.

Next time, Paris fashion week wrap up!

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