March 8, 2011

Paris Fashion Week FW 11-12 Part 2

Let's get down to business! Chloé. Super 70's! Need I say it?

Galliano-less Dior. Nice goodbye for him! Still, sad to see him go. Enjoy.

Ungaro "dressing the mistress" in leather, feathers and lace.

Jean Paul Gaultier's old gals... Parisian women. But not your sexy young usual black burréd girl. Old women. The kind of woman you run into doing her groceries in Rue de la Pompe. In my opinion, a beautiful collection! Parisian chic all the way.

Finally, Givenchy. It's no secret that I've been loving Ricardo Tisci's collections a lot lately. He's great in Givenchy and keeps it young and fab. I wonder what he'd do in Dior?... He'd be great in my opinion! I have to admit though that I'm not completely in love with this particular collection.

That's all for the day. Tomorrow, more fashion week!!

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