October 4, 2011

Paris Fashion Week: biggest batch!

Ok, so now my exams are over, I can post my highlights from the weekend and yesterday's shows. Let's get to it then! Galliano-less John Galliano show. Inspired by Mary Poppins and quite british, as usual, but lacking that je ne sais quoi the man brought to the table. I actually did like a lot the last couple of dresses. But I think Galliano is such a genius, he should be forgiven and brought back already! Kate Moss forgave him everyone else should!!

Kenzo was super colorful and fun, but somehow made me think of Balenciaga prints from a couple of seasons back. On the other hand, may be I've studied too much lately so don't listen to me. Oh! And I love the peplums in those khaki pants! (F.Y.I. Peplum is that thingy on top of it, like a mini mini skirt).

I am burnt out, but you can trust my judgement on this: Givenchy was flawless. Really. Perfect. Riccardo Tisci has seriously gotten it right. Sexy and pretty, artful and wearable. I want every look and I want to live and work in a place where I can wear that every single day of my life! ...P.S. Yes, that's Gisele in the fifth look. And, yes, she still got it.

Giambattista Valli, on the other hand, disappointed me. He had had a nice row, but he fell of his standards, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it was an ok collection, but there was no wow factor, if you know what I mean.

Chloé reinventing the hip. Waist is so right now, it's old. At least that's what it looks like over here. And, all very pretty and clean, as usual.

Finally, the last of the batch, Yves Saint Laurent. May I just say, bravo! The backs, the belts, the Marrakech! ...and the shoes... My god!

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