October 4, 2011

The Paris Fashion Week thickens

3 minutes here, 2 minutes there... and little by little, another post comes together! Exams be damned!

Strong start of the post: Dior. Pretty and boring. That's how I would put it. And some looks are just, well, Valentino-ish. And Valentino 2 seasons ago! Other than that. a lot of back to Dior basics.

And now, Valentino. Oh no wait, still Dior...

Oh well, on a much brighter note, Lanvin. That Alber Elbaz, he can do no wrong! Really!! The last batch of dresses. Oh those dresses. I couldn't pick one!

Viktor & Rolf, with a collection that has been called "subdued", but that I would call "subdued for them". The pop duo Brigitte sang while this collection of ribbons and puffs walked their way down the runway. I really like the second dress, I must say. And, while not as spectacular as some of their latest work, still pretty good.

A very Jean Paul Gaultier collection this season. A nice mix of trench coats, sex and tattoos, with just a touch of S&M. Good one JP!

Look who's designing now? Well, none other than Kanye West! And, believe it or not, his clothes are not half bad! I leave you with a couple of looks for your appraisal.

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